The book:

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They say life is the best teacher, so after working for almost two decades and owning our own business for almost one of them, we have lived and seen so many ways that people deny themselves of happiness, shut doors of opportunities, limit their professional and personal growth, shy away from expanding their network, drain positivity from relationships, and more, just because they have not taken the time to recognize that their pattern of beliefs, thoughts, habits, and actions hold them back.


Our common thread as vastly different as we know we are, is that everyone has a Win Within. No matter if you’re a self-proclaimed Hot-Headed, Ego-Driven Bridge Burner or you’re an OCD, Closed-Minded, Emotionless Robot – none of these labels have to continue to define your life and the rest of your journey.


We are self-made, black, women entrepreneurs, who built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch, our theory on that success is that it was equal parts being good at our job and understanding how to conquer our own self sab behavior! In this chronicle of our toxic selves, we hope to dispel the notion of the fixed mindset, that we are who we are, and open up the flood gates to new destiny through self-discovery.


We hope you will take this journey with us when the time comes…